4 Simple Tips for Truck Maintenance

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Regular truck maintenance is crucial to extending your pickup truck’s life and saving money in the long term. A pickup truck is often more than just a commuting vehicle; you probably use it for all manner of transportation and projects. Keeping your vehicle up and running ensures that you are not left without a valuable tool for your construction and household projects. Continue reading for some practical tips.

1. Don’t Skip Oil Changes

Your owner’s manual will tell you how often to get oil changes. Dirty or contaminated engine oil will prevent your truck from running correctly. Depending on how you drive your vehicle, more frequent oil changes might be necessary. Driving at low speeds, driving in dusty or off-road conditions and carrying heavy loads often will speed up your oil change schedule.

2. Replace and Top Up Other Fluids

There are other fluids in your truck that need a routine inspection. This includes power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid and engine coolant. Power steering fluid will make sure your other steering components function properly and extend their life. Windshield wiper fluid is vital if you drive in conditions that leave dirt and grime on your windshield. Brake fluid needs to be replaced over time because it slowly absorbs moisture from the air, diluting it and lowering its performance. Engine coolant keeps your engine at a consistent temperature.

3. Wash Your Truck Often

Cleaning your truck often will prevent rust buildup and abrasive dirt from accumulating. If you allow dirt and other debris to collect, your truck’s body can become rusted out. If that happens, check for used pickup truck bodies for sale in your area.

4. Hire an Expert

If you do not have time to inspect the truck yourself, get it professionally looked at. Experts can find problems that you might have missed and make repairs more quickly.

Your truck is a vital tool that needs to be taken care of. Take the time every couple of months to inspect your vehicle, and do not hesitate to hire professionals for severe problems.